The Best Outdoor Cat Houses

Many cats love spending time enjoying the sunshine outside, but they also love spending time outside at night. If your cat enjoys spending more time outside than in, then investing in an outdoor cat house is a great idea. This gives them somewhere warm and cozy to shelter when the weather gets bad, or somewhere… Read More

The Best Wireless Dog Fences

Looking out to your backyard and realizing your dog has escaped is an awful feeling. Using a wireless dog fence is a great way to stop this happening. These fences create an invisible boundary which your dog cannot cross, making it easy to quickly establish a safe zone to keep your dog safe. We reviewed… Read More

The Best Dog Car Seats

If your dog loves jumping in the car with you and going for an adventure, then a dog car seat could be a great way to make those trips a bit more comfortable for them. Some dogs can find car rides uncomfortable, potentially losing their balance, or distracting you as they try to look out… Read More

The Best Cat Harnesses and Leashes

Cat harnesses are the perfect way to exercise your cat outside safely. Whether you have an indoor cat who loves a bit of fresh air, or an outdoor cat who loves coming on walks away from home, a cat harness and leash set gives you the opportunity to let your kitty enjoy exploring, while also… Read More

The Best Cat Water Fountains

Cat water fountains are designed to provide a continuous stream of fresh, flowing water for our feline friends. Many cats are fussy about their drinking water, and will turn their whiskers up at a bowl of water that’s been sat for a few days. Dehydration in cats can lead to some serious health issues, so… Read More